My son's experience at Bozeman Sports Camp was so wonderful. He looked forward to camp every single day, learned different sports, and built new friendships. I was so impressed at the organization and commitment of the staff to know every child's name. Our counselor, Laurel, was so caring and made my son feel welcome and part of the team. I am so happy you all have decided to pick up where MSU left off and we look forward to being a part of it each year!

- Amanda Lipsey

My son and daughter have been attending Bozeman Sports Camp for the past two summers and are looking forward to next summer already. My kids can be very shy and nervous but Eric and the whole staff of Bozeman Sports Camp are committed to making connections and building relationships that helped my kids feel comfortable every day. Not only are the kids learning skills for various sports but also sportsmanship, perseverance and of course the joy of being active! Organized, responsive, fun....and the kids come home exhausted which is always a bonus! need I say more?? Thank you Bozeman Sports Camp Looking forward to many more summers!

- Amanda Martin

My son, 8 years old last summer, had done sports camp at MSU for two years before Eric Fisher took over. While he enjoyed the version of the camp at MSU, he enjoyed Eric Fisher’s version even more. Eric clearly understands the needs of kids – the camp combines learning sports skills with fun games the kids eagerly participate in. My son always came home laughing and talking on and on about the fun activities he did during the afternoon. I really appreciate the simple love of being active that the camp instilled.

- Angela Des Jardin

We love Bozeman Sports Camp! My son Henry has wild energy so it can be hard to find an activity that keeps him excited and engaged for long periods of time. We found the perfect fit at Bozeman Sports camp. All of their counselors are amazing and connect really well with the young kids. Henry's been talking about how much fun he's had since it ended last summer! My only wish is that they'd run a full day camp! Perfect option for active kids!

- Christina & Holt Price

Bozeman Sports Camp is simply amazing! My 5 and 7 year olds did it for the first time last year under Eric Fisher and his staff. The camp is very well organized and does a great job at exposing kids to a variety of sport related activities. It gives kids the confidence to try something new that they may not have been exposed to before, allowing them to make it a life long sport. This camp allowed my kid to do tennis for the first time and after that all he wanted for his birthday was a tennis racket. Then the whole family got tennis rackets and tennis became a summer sport we all enjoyed together after being exposed to it at the Bozeman Sports Camp. If you want a camp that your kids continue to talk about months later, Bozeman Sports Camp is the one.

- Crystal & Shaun Ross

Bozeman Sports Camp is the epitome of summer fun! Our son has attended for the past 5 summers and he is always looking forward to it at the end of the school year. Eric, and all the staff are incredible at maximizing summer fun for all the kids while running a safe and organized program seamlessly. Eric and each counselor are genuinely interested in getting to know your kid and creating a relationship with them. The kids are challenged physically and mentally everyday and come home with a smile. Kids play all the standard games, but also play new and creative games and are still given creative space to create games of their own. The flexibility to adjust to weather, class size, children's needs, and physical area is phenomenal as there is never a dull moment. They are always prepared to make the best of a cold, hot, or rainy day. Most of all I love the values that also come home! Kindness, confidence, honesty, good sportsmanship, and courage to just name a few. We are so lucky to have BSC be apart of our summer and lives.

- Jade & Jess Dawson

My son attended both sessions of Bozeman Sports Camp last summer and he had a blast! The teachers are fun and interactive with the campers, they play every sport and game imaginable, and the location is pretty convenient, too. My son came home worn out every single night. Nice job, Bozeman Sports Camp, keep up the good work!

- Jessica & Brandon Bentley

I would highly recommend Bozeman Sports Camp! Both of our kids have attended and have continued to do so each year. Our oldest, Henry can no longer participate because he is in 7th grade and it has been a considerable disappointment for him each summer. Eric and his staff are truly wonderful and extremely skilled with children. I am consistently impressed each year with the quality of counselors and their extensive experience with kids. They have been adaptable and willing to make the necessary changes to make sure that my kids had a great experience each year. My children, in general, are not fans of summer camps but that is not the case with this camp. It indeed is the only camp that my kids every year genuinely want to attend. This camp truly has allowed my kids to just be “kids” during the summer playing fun games with their friends, making new friends, and staying active. I would recommend this camp hands down to any other camp in Bozeman! Thank you Bozeman Sports Camp for all that you do for our kids

- Nikki & Branif Scott

Our son, now 9, has been going to Bozeman (and formerly MSU) Sports Camp since he was 5 and he has loved it every year. It strikes a great balance among competition, instruction, trying new things, having fun, and being a good sport. The multi-week format leads to friendships and real team-building. The coaches are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and welcoming – great role models all around. Coach Fisher is organized, safety-conscious, and relates well to staff, kids, and parents alike. In our experience, an afternoon at Bozeman Sports Camp leads to tired and happy kids.

- Sharon Glick & Jessie Carroll

My son (8) and daughter (5) are excited to attend Bozeman Sports Camp for their second season. This was our favorite camp of the summer and the kids were always motivated to attend each day. Eric Fisher and his enthusiastic staff keep the environment fun and engaging for all ages and abilities. It was a great way for the kids to learn various sports skills in a healthy environment. Anyone who has seen Eric engage with the children knows that he has a dynamic way of helping them learn, have fun and be active.

- Simia Ranieri

Robbie loved Bozeman Sports Camp so much we signed him up for a second month session! He loved the variety of sports and activities. But above all, he loved all of the amazing instructors that took time to build a relationship with him. Robbie can't wait to go back to Bozeman Sports Camp!

- Travis Monroe & Siobhan Gilmartin