In the mornings, campers can be dropped off for camp starting at 8:15.

At the end of the day, campers can be picked up as late as 5:15.

We understand there are schedule conflicts, especially in the summer. When possible, please communicate absences ahead of time with either Eric, Aidan or your child’s group instructor. Advance notice helps instructors plan their days at camp. When an absence is unpredicted on the day of camp, please communicate that to Eric.

Groups will be divided by grade level, with younger age groups (K-2) having smaller groups of 10-15 kids per group and older age groups (3-6) having slightly larger groups of 12-20 kids per group. We want to provide as much instruction as we can so we keep group sizes small enough to be able to accomplish that instruction while still providing campers with active game situations.

In the case of bad weather, all campers will be in the gym. Instructors will likely combine groups of close ages and resume activities.

If anyone other than a parent / legal guardian is picking up a child from camp, we ask that it be communicated ahead of time. The beginning of camp that day is a great time to check in with Eric, Aidan or the child’s instructor and let them know who is picking the child up that day.

In an active setting, we are always monitoring the safety of the activity, the area, and the environment. We ensure campers will be in safe situations for activities. While accidents can happen, we strive to minimize them through safe instruction, inspection of the areas we use, and closely supervising the activities.

For the safety of all campers & staff, please monitor your own child’s health. If campers are showing signs of illness, please keep them home.

If you have further questions regarding our health & safety guidelines, please contact us directly.